Annual Show Dates

Threshing Show Friday, Saturday, Sunday following Labor Day
64th Annual Show
Sept. 8, 9, 10 2017

2017 Raffle



Friday - 7 p.m.
The Explosive Rockats

Saturday - 7 p.m.


Tractor Pull - Saturday 3 p.m.


Copyright 2017 LRPTA-Dalton

  Camping Facilities

Camping is available for campers of all styles right outside the grounds!

A primitive camp ground is just NE of the show grounds about a quarter of a mile.

Many sites are at the north end of the grounds both inside and outside the fence.

Sites with electrical hookups for member workers are in the interior north west part

of the show grounds who have pre-registered sites. 

AC use is limited, due to power supply available, so check with registrar.

Access is provided to restrooms and showers on the show grounds.

Registration is required for all along with daily camping fees.

Service dogs only allowed on the show grounds!