Annual Show Dates

Threshing Show Friday, Saturday, Sunday following Labor Day
65th Annual Show
Sept. 7, 8, 9

2018 Raffle

1st Prize: 1020 John Deere, or $2500 Cash

2nd Prize: JD Pedal Tractor, or $100 Cash

3rd Prize: Collectible Toy Tractor

Friday - 7:30 p.m.
Polka Dots

Saturday - 7:30 p.m.
October Road


Tractor Pull - Saturday 2 p.m.


Tractor Pull - Sunday

Members only!


Copyright 2018 LRPTA-Dalton

 **Membership/Volunteer Opportunities
 There are opportunities of all kinds for volunteers to share their skills or learn new skills, while working  with others. People from far and near make up our  members. This page is a place for members/volunteers to check and find out special projects, special  needs, and what you can do to help. Beginning mid May, Saturday's are work days on the grounds.   Depending on the weather, you will usually find some folks around tending to a variety of things. There are times when a "crew" is needed for things like shingling a roof, setting a locomotive turntable,  sealing holes in steel buildings, painting, leveling concrete, etc.  Cutting and trimming grass is very time consuming as is picking up trash.  Maybe you are able to come the afternoon of the day  before the show to sit and wrap silverware or dust (guaranteed to find). The week of the show is a busy one when the buildings that have been packed with tractors and other storage items are accessible and ready for cleaning and setup. Little jobs and big jobs done by all of us are what makes the show go on!

 Projects, Committees needing help, etc. (just a small sample below):

**Volunteers are needed at the Sawmill Cafe.**

 Threshing: Have a pitchfork "sitting around your farm"? Donate it to LRPTA!
        Help pitch bundles into grain stacks and load bundle racks before the show.

  Great winter project:  Donate some firewood all cut and split ready to fire-up the steamers! 

       The owners of the engines will be able to focus on the maintenance and general up-keep!  Contact any board  member if you have some wood for burning, even if you need help with prep and getting it to the show.

See contact page and one of these great folks will get you in touch with the right person!

 **Membership is open to anyone who wishes to join.  The junior membership is $4 for 12 and under.  Over 12 years of age is $15.  Contact our Treasurer, Dawn Pehl, at 701.899.2180, text message works.  As a member you have the right to vote at Association  meetings. For the show days, you are provided with your own badge for entrance into the grounds  each day. Join the fun of working together! 

Can’t remember if you have paid for your membership for the 2018 season?  You have until Monday, August 22nd to still place your order.  You can send Dawn Pehl an email to or send a text to 701-899-2180 or mail the payment to:  1433 14th Street North, Wahpeton, ND  58075.

Memberships Renewed                                            Memberships Not Renewed

 Download a membership application by clicking here

 Being a member can be filled with opportunities to share your skills and learn new ones, if you take the  time to be involved!

All fees are subject to change!

Service dogs only allowed on the show grounds!